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House Cleaning Tips: Why Having Sex In A Clean Room is better

Why It Is Better Having Sex In A Clean Room

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Sex, no matter how frivolous it might be sometimes, is an intimate moment. As intimate as sharing your body fluids with someone gets. And no we don’t mean intimate like have sex after marriage and only with your husband/wife. You’re free to do what you want. Just make sure to be safe and CLEAN. We cannot stress that enough.

man and woman holding hands in a clean room
A Clean environment is sex appealing

Everyone loves sex right? Maybe not everyone but most of us do. And a lot of us find ways to spice our sex lives each day. The most mundane and common things could actually end up being what excited us most. Let’s shock you a little, yeah? What if we told you that something as simple as having sex in a clean room could boost your sexual life? We know you’re curious. Let’s talk.

Having Sex In A Clean Room Can Actually Be A Way To Boost Your Sexual Arousal

This is probably surprising to you but yes, clean spaces actually boost sexual arousal. What’s more invigorating than the scent of your freshly laundered sheets? The texture of clean sheets against your skin is amazing ( we recommend satin sheets for obvious reasons). Try it and you definitely won’t regret.

Stress Free Sex

Do you know what else having sex in a clean room could do to you? Destress you. It saves you a lot of emotions, and we know that an excess negative emotions come hand in glove with stress. Yes. Sex is a destresser. But couple it with clean sheets, a breathy feeling and no funny smells, and you have a whole package. Also, cleaning helps to take stress away. So before having sex, make sure you clean your room.

Say Bye Bye to Clutter

Have you ever tried to have sex in a messy room? On a messy bed? With all your stuff thrown all around your room? Getting through a messy room is a pain. The random Lego you might step on, the hairpin that mysteriously found itself on the floor of bedroom and your dirty and soiled underwear just next to your lover’s feet. Yikes. Need we say more?

Having Sex in a clean bedroom is calming and relaxing
Having Sex in a clean bedroom is calming and relaxing

More Breathing Room

Clean rooms are definitely much more spacey than messy and dirty rooms. You have all the space you want in a clean room. You could even throw your partner down on the floor and whip them back up (not that we’re saying you should try this). But it is so much better than trying to navigate all the mess that a dirty room would have. Better clean your room before you even think of having sex.

Enjoy Sex in a cleaner room
Getting down in a clean room is better

Ever Heard About Comfort?

Clean rooms are comfortable. It’s being scientifically proven. When you’re not swimming in dirt and grime, you are 100% more comfortable. And what does being comfortable mean when you’re having sex? You will definitely be on your A game. An embarrassed feeling can actually take out all of the pleasure in sex. Are you starting to see why sex in a clean room is important?

Do You Like Getting Embarrassed?

If you did not realize it already, the question above was sarcastic. Unless you’re a hardcore sadomasochistic person, then we don’t think you’d like the feeling getting embarrassed, least of all during sex.

Picture this scenario. You and your significant other are in too much of a rush to get to the bed. He/she lays you down on the floor. And guess what. A moldy chunk of bread right in your faces. Or that underwear you thought you had thrown far far away.

We don’t know about it but that’s definitely not it. Between me and you, I don’t think you would get that much sexing up. Which would actually be a shame. Or maybe not. It’d help you realize that the best room you can have sex in is a clean room and why house cleaning is important.

Stimulation. Yes We Said It.

Having sex in a clean room could actually help for better sex as it stimulates you and your partner (or partners. We don’t judge). With no foul smell to cloud them, you senses are actually more open. When this happens, you are more likely to get all those explosive orgasms that you have been dreaming of getting.

Also, it has been proven that in a tidy, clean and open space, we are more prone to be sexually aroused. Our brain is wired weird. We can’t help it.

We don’t even need to say it at this point. Clean your room before having sex.

The Room. It’s Clean. Have Sex In It.

At this point, are we even still trying to convince you? You and I both know that sex in a clean room would be the best sex you will ever experienced. Your feelings of pleasure would be intensified. Our body is a whole bunch of nerves that are just waiting to be stimulated. And what if what you needed to get in the mood was a clean floor and the smell of freshly washed sheets?

You never do know. Sensations work differently. This one could actually work for you. Try it out. Oh man, this is why having a house cleaning program is very important.

Sneezing? Not Sexy

You know all the dust and grime and dirt that accumulates with weeks of not cleaning our room? Those could actually cause allergies, they could cause wack sneezes. And what do these help in achieving? Nothing but ruined moods and sexual tension. So pick up your duster, throw your sheets into the washing machine. And we assure a seamless (at least we hope) experience the next time.

Have Fun! Follow the tips to a cleaner room
Have fun! follow these tips

A Clean Room Equals Better Sex

You’ve read all this. If you are still doubting, then we would just have to conclude that you have a serious problem. Save yourself that embarrassment you’d face in front of your lover. Clean your room. Not only does this bring even more magic into your sexual life in general, it also scores a few of points in your favor.

And what does a scoring a few more points imply? That there might be a next time (unless you don’t want it). So you better go take off those musty sheets from your bed now!

If you need help with your house cleaning program, let us know, we will be happy to help, you can leave us a note here and please don’t forget 2 important things, to visit our Facebook fan page and that having sex in a clean room should be a beautiful experience