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Move out cleaning can be hugely stressful. Leaving a rental property in Las Vegas in a state of disarray can see you lose your security deposit. However, move out cleaning isn’t as easy as quickly polishing floors and work surfaces.


Is Your Move Out Cleaning Checklist in Order?  

As part of a basic move out cleaning checklist, you need to clean all indoor and outdoor home areas. It is also vital to clean under, as well as around and behind any home furnishings and appliances.

At Diamond Cleaning, we know that cleaning in preparation for a move can be stressful. Often, this is the result of tenants and homeowners being strapped for time. 

Work schedules, arranging a move, and childcare commitments, can leave renters and homeowners with mere hours left available to commit to thorough cleaning of properties. Thankfully, we can help.


How Diamond Cleaning Move Out Cleaning Works

At Diamond Cleaning, we operate a top-rated Las Vegas residential and commercial maid service. However, as well as daily and occasional domestic cleaning, we also offer for-purpose move out cleaning services.

  • Contact us to let us know when you plan on vacating your property, or when you expect lessors to inspect your home beforehand.
  • We’ll schedule a time to arrive and thoroughly clean your home top to bottom.
  • Cleaning can take place while you are present, at work, or running errands.
Move Out Cleaning Las Vegas
Move Out Cleaning Las Vegas

Quick, Convenient, and Customizable Move Out Cleaning

Every Las Vegas home is different. A condo in the city center won’t require the same level of outdoor cleaning as a suburban property with a pool. For this reason, we tailor our cleaning services to the precise needs of every tenant, homeowner, and Las Vegas lessor we work with.

  • Benefit from upfront fixed price quotes on cleaning.
  • We supply all cleaning detergents, materials, and equipment.
  • If necessary we can arrange for the removal of excess junk and refuse.
Move In or Move Out Cleaning Services
Move In or Move Out Cleaning Services

Can Diamond Cleaning Guarantee the Return of Security Deposits?

At Diamond Cleaning USA, we make sure that properties look just as immaculately clean when you leave as the day you moved in. However, we can’t guarantee the return of lessee security deposits. While we can clean to the highest standard, we can’t repair or disguise damage to properties, property fixtures, or home furnishings.

Security Deposit Return On Move Out Cleaning
Security Deposit Return On Move Out Cleaning

Property Cleaning for Las Vegas Landlords

For the most part, Diamond Cleaning provides cleaning and maid services to homeowners and tenants vacating properties. However, we can also help local landlords recover homes after evictions and/or the removal of troublesome tenants and hoarders. 

Vacation Rental Cleaning
Vacation Rental Cleaning

Get Your Free Move Out Cleaning Quote Today

Don’t put cleaning in preparation for moving day off until the last minute. If you are struggling to free time to get your home ship-shape, call or contact Diamond Cleaning now for a free quote.

The Diamond Cleaning Difference:

  • Fully licensed with NV State and Clark County.
  • Insured and Bonded.
  • Completely customizable cleaning options for all of your real-estate needs.
  • Services include quick-and-thorough pre-listing cleanings, deep cleanings, and more.
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About Diamond Cleaning USA

It’s All About Empowerment, Diamond Cleaning USA is a team of business professionals, experienced housekeepers, and cleaning technicians who know that clean facilities are essential to a thriving business.

We believe in providing convenient, customizable, high-quality services – ultimately empowering business owners to focus on the areas of life that matter most.

Serving both commercial and residential properties, our team prides itself on accommodating each client’s individual needs with an unparalleled level of professionalism.

Your satisfaction is always our top priority, and no job is too difficult or demanding for our team of experts.