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[c_iconbox style=”3″ item_width=”3_12″][c_iconbox_item id=”ct_custom_7011541198812″ 3=”luxury” 4=”property” 5=”cleaning” 6=”services.” 7=”For” 8=”a” 9=”beautiful” 10=”home” 11=”and” 12=”an” 13=”uncluttered” 14=”14=“14=“14=“life.““““” icon=”fa fa-home” icon_color=”#28b8d1″]Diamond Cleaning USA is proud to offer convenient, bespoke cleaning services for luxury properties across the Las Vegas Valley.

With an established team of technicians trained in high-end housekeeping, we provide an unmatched level of quality, convenience, and personalized customer service.

Las Vegas House Cleaning Services

Diamond Cleaning USA dispatch honest, friendly, and hardworking cleaners to Las Vegas homes every day.

However, we don’t just provide regular and semi-regular house cleaning services

Cleaning Services for Homeowners 

In a city that never sleeps, something always needs cleaning. This is especially true for luxury property owners. Thankfully, we can help.

As well as general house cleaning services, Diamond Cleaning USA provides bespoke maid services suitable for both luxury Las Vegas homeowners and local holiday accommodation providers.

Regular and One-Off House Cleaning service

At Diamond Cleaning, all of our clients’ requirements are slightly different.

Do you need to schedule a daily maid service to help keep everyday housekeeping ticking over? If so, we can help.

Our domestic cleaning teams can dust, vacuum, and clean Las Vegas properties daily if necessary.

When regularly dispatching maids to the same property, we can also develop personalized cleaning plans.

This way, we can help keep luxury properties immaculately clean 24/7.

One-Off Home Cleaning 

Do you need a one-off maid service at short notice? If so, we can also help.

At Diamond Cleaning USA, we regularly provide one-off housekeep cleaning to Las Vegas homeowners who need to recover properties after parties and Airbnb Vacation rentals that have gone awry.

We also provide quality assured one-off home cleaning to regular Las Vegas home and apartment owners. If you need an extra pair of hands, all you need to do is call us.

Las Vegas House Cleaning
Las Vegas House Cleaning

Move-in & Move-out Cleaning

As well as luxury home cleaning and regular home and apartment cleaning, Diamond Cleaning regularly dispatch cleaners to properties owned by local Las Vegas landlords.

Your Las Vegas home is your castle. However, some tenants don’t always see things the same way.

Whether you are preparing a property for new tenants or trying to banish signs that your last tenant ever existed, we can help. 

Call us to let us know what level of move-in or move-out cleaning you need. As soon as you do, we will arrive on-site ready to tackle even the most challenging home cleanups.

Why Diamond Cleaning USA? 

Diamond Cleaning USA is first in Las Vegas for quality assured cleaning of both regular and luxury domestic properties. 

Unlike other local house cleaning companies, we recruit and train all of our own cleaning employees. We also meticulously vet all of our cleaners’ credentials to ensure your home is always in the safest hands possible.[/c_iconbox_item][c_iconbox_item id=”ct_custom_6231541198407″ icon=”fa fa-check” title=”Customized House Cleaning Services” icon_color=”#28b8d1″]Because your home deserves better than “one size fits all.” Choose from our extensive menu of housekeeping services to customize a cleaning package that suits your needs, lifestyle, and schedule.
For high-end clientele, we’re happy to accomodate same-day appointments.[/c_iconbox_item][c_iconbox_item id=”ct_custom_1641541198592″ icon=”fa fa-users” title=”A Team Of Experienced Maids” icon_color=”#28b8d1″]Because trust should always come first. Our team of licensed cleaning technicians has extensive experience in providing luxury-property housekeeping services for an exclusive clientele – and we always work with complete discretion and confidentiality.[/c_iconbox_item][c_iconbox_item id=”ct_custom_7351541198684″ icon=”fa fa-leaf” title=”Eco-friendly Cleaning Services” icon_color=”#31d628″]For a happy, healthy home. We believe in providing exceptional cleaning services that are safe for the environment, your home, and your loved ones.
We are more than happy to use green, organic, and eco-friendly cleaning products as requested. Book Now[/c_iconbox_item][/c_iconbox]

The Diamond Cleaning USA Difference

  • Fully licensed with NV State and Clark County
  • Insured and Bonded
  • Completely customizable cleaning options for business facilities of all sizes
  • Specialize in commercial cleaning services for business owners
  • Services include quick-and-thorough cleanings, deep cleanings, regular upkeep, and more

About Diamond Cleaning USA

It’s all about empowerment.

Diamond Cleaning USA is a team of business professionals, experienced housekeepers, and cleaning technicians who know that clean facilities are essential to a thriving business.

We believe in providing convenient, customizable, high-quality services – ultimately empowering business owners to focus on the areas of life that matter most.

Serving both commercial and residential properties, our team prides itself on accommodating each client’s individual needs with an unparalleled level of professionalism.

Your satisfaction is always our top priority, and no job is too difficult or demanding for our team of experts.

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