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Getting down in a Cleaner Home

There is one thing that is considered mundane by a lot of people but actually holds a lot of importance. Cleaning is very important but usually people neglect it, preferring to push it off to the last minute. It is essential in the overall functioning of a household. If you want your household to run smoothly and without issues, then you would need cleaning. 

Romantic Candles

When we talk about the household, we mean every part of the household. Cleaning doesn’t limit itself to just doing the dishes or finally getting the strength to straighten up the kid’s playpen (we know it is a nightmare) and getting that intense feeling of satisfaction that comes along with finishing your task. It goes a lot deeper than that. Cleaning helps in the basic functioning of your household. But it also helps with all the things you didn’t even think possible. 

Cleaning makes for a healthy sex life, especially for a couple that has kids. It can be incredibly hard to find time to actually get down and dirty with all the responsibilities that come along with adult life and with having kids. But we have an easy and straightforward way for you to improve your sex life: Get down in a cleaner home.

Refreshing and Plus the Benefit of not Stepping on a Lego

Let’s take this scenario. Your kids are at your parents for the weekend. You and your partner want to enjoy a steamy night with each other. You kiss and all of a sudden one of you steps on a Lego. We all know how stepping on Legos can be painful. Complete turn off right? You wouldn’t be so in the mood after that which is completely normal. But it is for reasons like that you should call in a house cleaning service or you could clean yourself because getting down in a cleaner home makes for a less awkward experience.

Getting Down in a cleaner room is better
Getting down in a cleaner room is better

Getting Down In a Cleaner Home Builds up Trust

You might not believe this but yes, getting down in a cleaner home would build up trust between you and your partner. First of all, prerequisite to having sex in a clean room is actually cleaning the room. Taking out those toys that your kids have trailed around, cleaning the mess they made. Cleaning the room together, or even calling up a maid service to clean the rooms will be a great way to prove to your partner what you are trustworthy and reliable. As a result of this, there is trust build up in your couple. And this would lead to better sex and a better sex life. 

Sex in a clean bed is better

It is a lot more comfortable getting down in a cleaner home

If you don’t feel uncomfortable when standing in a cluttered and dirty home, then you are definitely not a normal human being. Nobody likes messes (unless you’re one of those people who “has an organized mess”). Messes are not cute, they are a huge turn off and could actually make you very uncomfortable. And when you are not comfortable, there is a 99% chance that you will not get aroused. Or you might get aroused, but it just won’t be same. To maximize all of your pleasure and make your experience better, get someone to handle the cleaning and get down in a clean home

Decluttering is a nice way to bond

There are no ends to the benefits of having sex in a clean room. One of them is the fact that going through stuff as a couple would make you and partner get even closer, and make you guys bond more. And having a stronger bond, in a cleaner room, will make the sex even better. You would notice that having sex in a room you and your partner decluttered together is way better. The end game is that getting down in a cleaner home is better.

Heightened fantasies, heightened sensations and more emotion

Have you ever wanted that deep connection with your partner? The type that all you guys would have to do is look at each other and the sexual tension is at a high? You can achieve this by having sex in a clean room. When you room is free of dirt and clutter, there is a bigger chance of your brain performing even better. As a result of this, it would be easier for you or your partner to think up fantasies that would suit you both. 

Another thing is the fact all of you sensations and emotions are heightened when you have sex in a clean room. So why not call up a maid service in Las Vegas right now and make your sex life a renewed and better one?

Get down and Dirty
Get Down and DIrty

Create more time to get down and dirty

Having Sex in a clean room is a great thing in so many ways. This is because it would help you gain more time to consecrate to your sex life, especially if you have kids. Let’s explain. This kids are in bed, all of them sleeping as you just tucked them into bed. It is the ideal time for you and your partner to start enjoying each other. But then you go to the bedroom or any other rooms, you will have to clean that room. Coupled with all of that, the time that you and partner would have consecrates to discovering each other’s bodies would be postponed. And might never even happen. 

The best solution to this problem would be to clean yourself, or call up a home cleaning service so you can comfortably get down in a cleaner room


It can be extremely hard for a couple to actually shirk their responsibilities and have sex, every night. This is very wrong (all the romance books lied). But the time they could actually get with each other is the time they would be using to cleaning because the place is a mess. Or they would have to put off sex completely and wait for the maid service to come clean.

It is not very difficult for you to pick up a duster, or a broom or just go to your room and clean all that nastiness. You’re in Las Vegas, make it count. Getting down in a cleaner home definitely hits better.

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Cheers 🥂 to an uncluttered life!