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Anyone who might have wooden floors in their houses, commercial or office space know they look classy and give you style, but they are a burden to maintain and keep clean as the time passes.

However, as a cleaning service company that we are, we have acquiring a couple of tips and tricks to make wooden floors look like new in a matter of hours.

So, if you’re stressing about your floors but you’re ready to contact us to help you, here’s what you have to do to give back some light and life to your wooden floors:

wooden floors cleaning serviceFloor Cleaning tip: First, dust them off

The one great thing about wooden floor is that they are very easy to dust and clean, however you must know how to do it correctly and not cause any harm to the wood.

For floor cleaning we truly recommend going for a dry floor mop to do this instead of doing it with a broom: One, because mops will caught on any dust or dirt instantly, and two, because you won’t have to worry about the broom scratching the floor at any point.

Use an special hardwood cleaner

Although regular detergent, hot water and soap usually work to clean most floors and surfaces, this won’t work with wooden floors, and can actually severely damage it.

Instead, make sure to find a good special hardwood cleaner that’s specially made for these kinds of floors that will successfully remove any dirt that might be attached to the wood surface without actually damaging the already existed finishing on your floor.

clean wood floors Let it dry completely

Any home cleaning service that has ever worked with wooden floors know that after applying any type of product to the surface, you must wait until it is completely dried off, otherwise, it could severely stain your floors.

We recommend you to open up your windows and simply let the floor cool down naturally until the product is completely dry and you can’t stain your floors anymore.

Polish your floors

This is another very helpful trick we learned while residential cleaning : Polishing your floors saves you the trouble of having to recoat them to bring them back to life.

Instead of spending a considerable amount of money on recoting, grab a flat- surface mop, some wood floor polish and from the back to the front of your room, begin to polish the whole floor, until you naturally reach the exit of your living room/kitchen/bedroom.

wooden floors well maintained and cleanedAgain, you MUST let the product dry off and not bring back any furniture into the room until it is completely dry! Otherwise, you could potentially mess all the effort you have done so far.

If you need especial advice about floor cleaning feel free to contact us.

Remember, if you need a team of professionals to take care of your wooden floors (or anything that you need to get cleaned up!) We are a house cleaning las vegas company ready to come in and help you out, just contact us!

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