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Deep Clean Yoga Studio Floors

How To Deep Clean Yoga Studio Floors

Although Yoga promotes a calm, meditative lifestyle, truth is, maintaining a yoga studio is much harder than it seems, and it isn’t as peaceful and calm as it feels when you are enjoying a yoga class.

That being said, if you have a yoga studio and you’re looking for a Las Vegas commercial cleaning services to help you out, call us. In the meantime, if you’re looking for tips and tricks to Deep Clean Yoga Studio Floors, continue reading.

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Clean Yoga Floors Are Stimulating and Relaxing

#1: Clean them every day after each class

The key to keeping yoga studio floors clean is to have a cleaning routine set up, which you clean the floors every day, after each class. Of course, we’re not talking about a deep-clean, but something lighter with a wooden floor special mop. This will maintain the cleanliness by removing sweat and debris

Dry Mop And Disinfect

A dry mop will be just fine to do a quick clean up before and after each class, so don’t worry about it too much. Make sure you are using a disinfecting cleaning agent. Remember most yoga studio floors are made of wood, so be mindful not to soak the floors.

#2: Use the proper floor cleaning products

Keeping wood floors looking good as new requires you to apply specially made wood floor products, that create a layer of protection between the floor and everyone who tramples on it.

Of course, these types of products must be applied by professionals, and left to dry as long as necessary. We recommend you to do this on weekends or days off when the yoga studio isn’t open.

wooden floors cleaning#3: Don’t let the floor get wet

As you might know by now, yoga studio floors can be terribly damaged if they get wet. So, avoid cleaning using tons of water, and instead, clean your floors with damp or dry products.

Like we said, a good mop and dry cleaning wipes should be enough to get rid off any dust or marks that might have stuck to your floor, but always be extremely careful when applying water (if necessary).

#4: Vacuum at least once every month

Luckily for you, wood floors are very easy to clean. However, since you can’t use water to properly get rid of dust, it can accumulate in corners and in tight spaces around your yoga studio.

This is why we recommend you to grab a vacuum and clean up around all these difficult places, and make sure no dust or dirt is still hanging around your yoga studio.

#5: Mop the floor once a month

Last, but not least, this trick can be very helpful for you. We recommend you to grab a used mop, dampen it just enough, and apply any wood floor cleaning product you might have.

wooden floors look clean and neat#6 Deep Clean Yoga Studio Floors Professionally

Hiring a professional maid service company to perform a deep cleaning of your yoga studio floors might be a good idea because there are many benefits to it.

Do Not Damage Your Floors

Remember, you want the mop to be DAMPED, not wet, or else you can damage your floors. Once you have done this, simply take the mop and clean the floor with it. doing a Deep Clean Yoga Studio Floors is mostly important when the studio is for Bikram Yoga.

This is more of a deep-cleaning step, so it doesn’t have to be done as often as the other tips and tricks, however, once a month, make sure to do this step to bring back life and shine to your wooden floors.

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