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Construction Cleaning Services. Because You Have A Property To Develop

Las Vegas Construction Cleaning Services 

Diamond cleaning USA offers full-service construction cleaning services to developers and property owners across Las Vegas. However, we don’t just professionally clean new developments. We ensure that homes and commercial premises look and feel like no construction has taken place. 

Hire certified, professional cleaners, who can make your home move-in ready and help properties sell faster. 



Construction Cleaning Services for all Stages of Development

It is necessary to perform construction cleaning several times during the development and renovation of a property. Not thoroughly cleaning away construction debris and artifacts, can impede subsequent stages of development.

At Diamond Cleaning USA, we provide free estimates to property developers and homeowners for rough-in-phase, final phase, and touch-up construction cleaning.

Rough-in-Phase Construction Cleaning

Rough-in-phase construction cleaning takes place during property developments.

At Diamond Cleaning USA, our rough-in-phase construction cleaners work quickly to turn messy and hazardous worksites into safe, clean, working environments. This will typically involve professional removal of all construction dust, temporary stickers, adhesive residues, scraps, and paint overspray. 

  • Diamond Cleaning USA teams remove all building scraps, boards, and detritus from commercial and residential property exteriors.
  • Inside newly constructed properties, our construction cleaning teams remove all debris and construction artifacts from vertical and horizontal surfaces.
  • Vertical surface cleaning includes cleaning of films and adhesives from all windows and tempered glass surfaces.
Rough In Construction Cleaning
Rough In Construction Cleaning

Too Much Trash to Handle?

Construction dust, caulking, and job site debris will often require a lot of dumpster space. Even small developments will often see several hundred pounds of building debris accumulate during construction.

Thankfully, if extra dumpster space is ever necessary, we can provide this through our partners.

Why is Rough in Phase Construction Cleaning Necessary?

Worksites often see high numbers of potentially toxic materials accumulate during construction. In every case, these need to be removed and responsibly disposed of before a property starts to be made ready for habitation.

Rough In Construction Cleaning Services In Las Vegas Nevada
Avoid Materials Accumulate During Roughing In Construction Phase

Post Construction Clean-Up – Final Phase Construction Cleaning

A thorough post-construction clean-up takes place once all property construction is complete. Typically, this is when developers finish installing all fixtures and fittings, and properties are almost move-in ready.


Like during rough-in-phase construction cleaning, our cleaning teams diligently clean all horizontal and vertical surfaces. In many ways our cleaning as akin to professional car detailing 

  • Our construction cleaning teams expertly clean all windows, ceilings, walls, surfaces, and fixtures such as kitchen cabinetry.
  • Property bathrooms benefit from thorough cleaning, including cleaning of tiling, mirrors, and all fixtures.
  • We finalize cleaning by cleaning all property baseboards and flooring with appropriate detergents and materials.

 Post Construction Clean-Up – Touch-Up Cleaning 

 During a post-construction clean-up, our cleaning teams ensure that properties are move-in ready. However, visits by surveyors, realtors, and property viewings can all result in dirt creeping back into a home.

Photo by Toll Brothers, Inc. -Phase 2 Construction

To prevent properties from looking less than their best, our cleaners can perform touch-up cleaning as many times as might be necessary after a post-construction clean-up.

  • During touch-up cleaning, we re-vacuum all carpets and re-polish all hardwood floors.
  • Our cleaners renew the sparkle of all fixtures, appliances, and property tiling.
  • We eradicate dust and debris from all home areas to keep properties immaculately presented.
Building Construction Cleaning
Building Construction Cleaning

Get Your Property Ready for Market 

 Diamond Cleaning USA construction cleaning services make worksites safer and help new to market properties sell faster. Get a free estimate now by reaching out to one of our team.

First for Construction Cleaning in Las Vegas

Sometimes a professional maid service just won’t do. If you are developing or renovating a property, you will require professional construction cleaning at some point. Thankfully, Las Vegas 

contractors and homeowners can rely on Diamond Cleaning USA for full-service rough-in-phase and post-construction cleaning.

Quick, convenient and customizable Construction Cleaning services

Built for thriving businesses, general contractors and commercial real estate developers. Choose from our extensive menu of commercial, office, home and construction cleaning services to customize a cleaning package that suits your needs, property, and schedule. We work efficiently and clean thoroughly – so you can ensure your tenants and customers move-in experience exceeds their expectations.

A team of experienced Cleaning Maids

Because trust should always come first. Our team of licensed cleaning maids is insured, bonded, and specially trained and managed in Construction Cleaning Services. We are a member of the Nevada General Contractors Association and always treat your properties with the quality, care, and attention-to-detail they deserve.

Eco-friendly Cleaning Services

For happy, healthy customers.
We believe in providing exceptional cleaning services that are safe for the environment, your property, and your customers. We are more than happy to use green, organic, and eco-friendly cleaning products as requested. Book Now

The Diamond Cleaning USA Difference:

  • Member of the General Contractors Association
  • Fully licensed with NV State and Clark County
  • Insured and Bonded
  • Completely customizable cleaning options for business facilities of all sizes
  • Specialize in commercial cleaning services for business owners
  • Services include quick-and-thorough cleanings, deep cleanings, regular upkeep, and more

Reach out to learn more, or to book your cleaning services today:
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About Diamond Cleaning USA. It’s all about empowerment.

Diamond Cleaning USA is a team of business professionals, experienced housekeepers, and cleaning technicians who know that clean facilities are essential to a thriving business. We believe in providing convenient, customizable, high-quality services – ultimately empowering business owners to focus on the areas of life that matter most. Serving both commercial and residential properties, our team prides itself on accommodating each client’s individual needs with an unparalleled level of professionalism. Your satisfaction is always our top priority, and no job is too difficult or demanding for our team of experts.