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How to clean your kitchen


Kitchens, it doesn’t matter how many times you clean and organize them, it’s the one room in your house that will always need to be cleaned again, and often. And allow us to give you some tips about cleaning your kitchen.

As a Las Vegas housekeeping company, we know a lot about messy kitchens, but most importantly, we know a lot about how to clean them up and how you can organize them to make your life easier. Today, we want to share a couple of tips and tricks on how to do just that.

clean kitchen
Clean Kitchen

Understand that it takes time

Cleaning your kitchen (or any room), takes patience and time. To do a deep cleaning session, it’s best to set aside at least half a day and dedicate yourself fully to the task.

Whether is a Saturday morning or a Tuesday evening, mark the time slot in your agenda to clean your kitchen, and understand you’ll that be doing so for a couple of hours.

Dust first

when cleaning your kitchen please Make sure all food is sealed and put away before dusting, and that and kitchenware is not exposed to the dust.

Start off by washing the dishes, always

Washing the dishes is probably one of the most annoying tasks to do, which is  the great part about doing it first, to just get it out of the way! Otherwise, your whole kitchen will never really be clean. Dishes take up space in or around the sink, which you will need to properly clean the other areas of the kitchen. this part is not fun about cleaning your kitchen right?

Gather up all the dirty cups, dishes and such, in the sink. Make sure to wash everything, but don’t put it away until it’s dry, unless of course, you have a washing machine, which makes the whole job easier. If you are air drying them, make sure they are laid out separately, and that you have a clean a open space to do so.

spotless kitchenDedicate your next task to cleaning up the counter tops and all the surfaces

If you want to be great at cleaning your kitchen do this, we recommend you grab a powerful grease remover, gloves and a sponge (both a soft one and a textured one) to really be able to get rid of any stains, build on food, or grease that might have be building up around your kitchen.

Begin with the dirtiest areas and move forward from there to the rest of the kitchen. If you need to, you can also help yourself with cleaning wipes to leave everything spotless after the grease remover is done doing its job.

fridge cleaning
don’t forget to clean the appliances

Take care of the refrigerator as well

Cleaning up and decluttering your refrigerator is a key part of keeping your whole kitchen clean, and most people don’t realize this, or simply avoid it. We recommend you to take a trash bag with you and begin removing things that might be old, unwanted or spoiled. You may even find same things that belong on kitchen shelves. 

Next remove everything and place it on the clean countertops or a separate table or space. Some of the food you are keeping in the refrigerator may need to be wiped down or stored properly in air-tight containers. Doing so will minimize odors and food debri in your refrigerator.

Sanitizing inside of your fridge is imperative to maintaining a clean and odor free refrigerator. If you can’t seem to eliminate fridge odors, try checking behind drawers for misplaced old foods, and purchase baking soda air fresheners that were made for inside of the refrigerator.

Replace all the food afterwards.

PRO TIP: Wipe off your spice shakers. We tend to marinate and season foods in the midst of cooking, when are hands are contaminated. It’s good practice to keep your home bacteria and sticky free.

Wipe all your cabinet doors and appliance exteriors, especially handles and latches.

You would be amazed and disturbed at how many surfaces of your kitchen you touch with dirty hands. Handles especially, carry lots of germs. Remember to wipe the refrigerator handles, oven knobs, and microwave buttons too! Completely the appliance faces really takes your kitchen cleanliness level up a notch when your appliances are free from crumbs and drip marks that tend to go unnoticed.

Give the floor the proper attention it needs.

The kitchen floor takes a big hit with crumbs and drippings, but the floor patterns often tend to allow the food to go unnoticed. 

Sweep very well! Make sure to get the entire floor and even inside pantries and closets. Next use a vacuum, preferably with a wand attachment. Use the vacuum to free all the crack, corners, and crevices where crumbs hide. Extend the vacuum under or behind appliances when possible.

Scrub & Mop. It is important to not only mop which removes top layer dirt from your floors, but to also scrub. Scrubbing the floor with remove deeper levels of dirts and grime which will leave you kitchen feeling dingy and never fully clean.  

Make sure to continue to put the dishes away

Last, but not least, organize the dishes you left drying a while ago. Make sure to put them away nicely so you can easily locate them and reach them anytime you might need them.

finish everything off

We give you, our biggest tip: Always wash the dishes as you go, trust us, leaving this task for later won’t be helpful and you’ll end up with a dirty kitchen all over again.

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