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Did You Know: Cleaning Your Home Together As A Couple Can Help Your Sex Life?


Cleaning your home is normally this activity that is seen as a tiring chore. Be it tidying up your home and rooms, doing the dishes or ironing and folding those clothes that have been in your laundry room for ages now (yes we see you!)

But what if we told you that you could actually use cleaning as a means to spice up your sex life? What if we told you that cleaning your home with your significant other is a great way to boost your sexual activity? Curious? Let’s talk.

Cleaning and cooking together
Cleaning and cooking together is fun

What does science say?

Let’s talk science yeah? According to science (with a study conducted in heterosexual couples), women who did more of the cleaning in their homes reported a lot of relationship drama and just a general feeling of insatisfaction.

Also, these woman complained of not having enough sex or having really sub-par sex. Yikes.

Cleaning your home In a more traditional society, the woman’s role is cleaning, cooking and all of those household tasks. All what the man was supposed to do was go to work, come back, get his dinner, then watch his woman perform all these tasks while trying to take care of the kids as well (if they have kids of course).

Best case scenario, the only tasks that men would perform is washing the car, taking out the trash or other chores that don’t involve cleaning someone’s spittle off a spoon (disgusting and unfair, we know).

In a more modern society, where distribution of home tasks should exist between couples, we have more and more disgruntled women. These ones feel (and very rightly) that cleaning should be shared equally between partners. And what happens when cleaning duties are shared? 

Benefits of cleaning your home together as a couple

First of all, more trust in built in relationships. We all know that doing activities with someone often is a great way to stay close to them and actually get to know them more, no matter how much you think you already know them. And in this way, it will be much more easy to spark off your sex life.

  1. Better Communication:

    When you share cleaning with your partner, it is very easy to establish communication. The situation is more open, as opposed to some kind of dictatorial rule where one person does all the dirty work. According to men who shared cleaning duty with the partners, they observed that after they started sharing these duties, the household became a lot more happy. It was more easy to set up communication with their partners as opposed to the men who did nothing at all. Also, sex also came much more often, and was more enjoyable with couples who shared cleaning duties. 

This was discussed by Daniel Carlson, Assistant Professor of Family, Health, and Policy in the Department of Family and Consumer Studies at the University of Utah and the lead author of the study. He published a preview brief on CCF’s website where he uncovers some eye- and leg-opening research: “Although less than one-third of the couples we studied shared housework equally, these were the couples who, in contrast to couples in earlier decades, reported the highest marital and sexual satisfaction. In fact, this is the only group among which the frequency of sexual intercourse has increased since the early 90s.”

  1. Fosters Teamwork:

    According to Carlson still, there is no satisfaction in doing something like washing dishes alone. This is because these cleaning chores don’t actually inspired compliments. There is nothing to say to someone who does the dishes (unless you want to be that one awkward person and talk about how sparkly the cutlery looks—which is just a no). As of a result of this, the partners who do all the work alone, feel disgruntled. And who wants to have sex when they are in some kind of mood?

  2. Improved Energy Level:

    Another thing is the energy. Let’s take this case scenario. Your partner leaves home for work at roughly the same time like you. Comes back earlier, makes dinner, cleans up the kitchen, sets the table, waits for your return and then does the dishes when you get done eating. The last thing on their mind would be getting into bed so you guys can go at it like bunnies. 

Scientists have found that amongst all the cleaning duties, the one that could cause the most problem is doing the dishes. Women (or men) who do the dishes without help from their partners find themselves more unhappy than those who have shared tasks. Carlson explains this: 

  1. High level of intimacy at home:

    “Doing dishes is gross. There is old, moldy food sitting in the sink. If you have kids, there is curdled milk in sippy cups that smells disgusting.” 

Couples who shared dish washing dishes on the other hand have found that they are much more intimate and much more touchy than they were when they didn’t share this duty. Also, doing the dishes together could mean more time to fool around. 

Cleaning your home together could actually act as way for you to find new kinks and new ways to play in the bedroom. Yes. Think of cleaning as some sort of foreplay exercise. Doing the dishes together? Why don’t you tickle them, or caress their skin a little with your wet hands? Or hit them lightly with the duster? What if you decided to dress up as a sexy maid? Take things up to the next level. You can actually turn cleaning into foreplay and this would make for a much more passionate sex life.

cleaning team work
cleaning team work


So there you have it, cleaning your home together as couple, If you have been dragging your legs about helping your partner wipe the dishes and load them, you definitely know not to now. And if you have been wondering why your sex life is going down the drains, ask yourself a couple of questions. Whether a few minutes sitting in front of the television is more important than having a fulfilled and passionate sex life. I think we all know which one tips the scale.

Spice up your sex life now! Clean your home together!

We highly recommend that you clean your home together as a couple but also to use a professional cleaning services company to help with the cleaning, feel free to contact us and we will be very happy to give you an estimate

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