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Cleaning Methods

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No matter what type of cleaning it is, it is indeed important and has a deep impact. Looking for all the information about all the different cleaning methods? Look no further! You do not need to look up the internet to find all the different cleaning methods your house, office, building, etc. Here’s the complete guide for all the cleaning methods.

A clean home feels like heaven to the visitor and to yourself as well. A clean office displays a sense of professionalism and attracts clients like bees are attracted to flowers.

House cleaning methods

A clean house is like the best welcome note for your guests and yourself. Keeping your house clean is not exactly an easy task but it is definitely worth it. House cleaning has tons of advantages and perks. Keeping your house clean could feel very challenging sometimes but we all have to do it once in a while. To get you started, here are some benefits of cleaning your house regularly utilizing these different cleaning methods:

Benefits Of House Cleaning 

  • Cleaning kills germs:

Germs can cause you or your family to get sick. Cleaning your house clean on a regular basis can kill up to 90% of the germs. Hence, cleaning your house actually helps to keep yourself and your family healthy read on about the different cleaning methods so you can get germs low. 

  • Cleaning improves indoor air quality:

Accumulated dust and germs can contaminate the indoor air of your house. Dusting and cleaning help in keeping the air fresh. Fresh and clean air protects you from different diseases. Plus, breathing in fresh air feels great, doesn’t it?

  • You can find things easily:

Have you misplaced your card, keys or some other important stuff? Are you having difficulty finding these misplaced things? You might want to consider keeping your house clean and organized. It is always easier to find misplaced things in a clean and organized environment.

  • Cleaning reduces allergies:

If you or your family have some kind of allergy, you should pay more attention to cleaning your house regularly. Dust particles scattered throughout the indoors air causes problems for people with allergies. Be sure to regularly vacuum the floor and walls to remove dust and other particles.

  • Helps you stay organized:

When you apply these cleaning methods and keep your house clean and organized, everything is in great order. You can find your important documents easier and faster. You can find your favorite clothes easier. Hence, you can get ready for your work faster. All these factors help you in increasing your productivity.


Steps to keep your house clean

Alright, now you know keeping your house clean is important and has tons of advantages. But how do you clean the house in the best possible way? We got you covered. Here are all the best tips to keep your house neat and clean using all of the cleaning methods we will show you:

  • Clean the bathroom:

Cleaning up the bathroom is arguably the worst part of house cleaning for most people. But as the bathroom is so important in our lives, we just cannot ignore to keep it clean. 

Toilet Cleaning: Alright, we know. Cleaning the toilet is not a fun task to do. So we want to finish it as soon as possible. Get some warm water and scrub the exterior and the rim of the toilet with it. Apply liquid toilet cleaner to the bowl of your toilet and let it sit for a few minutes.

After that, give it a flush. Don’t forget to put on a pair of rubber gloves before you proceed to clean up your toilet. You do not want to get infected with bacteria or other germs while cleaning, do you? it sounds difficult at the beginning but once you apply this method of cleaning the task is actually done pretty quickly. 

Bathtub/Shower and Sink Cleaning: Showers, bathtubs, and sinks can get dirty with bacteria and slippery clay very easily. You must clean them on a regular basis to keep your warm bedtime or morning showers healthy. Take a bristled brush and shower cleaner. Apply the cleaner on the shower, bathtub or sink and then rub bristled brush. If you don’t have access to a shower cleaner, you can your regular dishwasher liquid as well. Pretty much a hack and not a method of cleaning, right? 

Mirror Cleaning: Do you use a glass cleaner? Do you think glass cleaner actually cleans up the mirrors and glass? Glass cleaners are only supposed to make the mirrors and glasses shiny. They don’t actually clean the mirrors. Wondering how to thoroughly clean up the mirrors then? Well, get your regular dishwasher soap and mix it in warm water.

Dip a sponge in this mixture and clean up the mirror with it. Don’t worry, your glass cleaner is not exactly useless. Glass cleaners save mirrors and glass from catching up stains. They also bless the mirrors with a glittering shine.  After cleaning the mirrors and glass, you can definitely use the glass cleaner to add an extra touch of cleanliness.

  • Clean the Kitchen:

Cleaning the kitchen is a very important step in your house cleaning process. As the kitchen is where all your tasty foods are cooked, you certainly don’t want to let it stay dirty. A dirty kitchen can have many types of germs that can make your food unhealthy. That makes it so important to keep your kitchen clean. 

Washing the Dishes: The first thing to do after you enter the kitchen for cleaning it up is to wash the dishes. A dishwasher machine is nice, but it is not ideal for thorough and safe cleaning. Dishwashers use abrasive soaps which can damage the glimmer of your dishes.

The best way to wash dishes is to do it by hand. Take a soft sponge, squirt a bit of dishwashing soap on it and then rub the dishes with it. After you have cleaned all the stains, thoroughly rinse the dishes with warm water. Don’t forget to dry the dishes with a soft cloth after washing them.

Microwave/Oven Cleaning: Regularly cleaning up the microwave/oven can have a deep impact on the fragrance of your kitchen. Leftovers from cooked or heated food cause foul smell and of course, look dirty. There are some ovens having a very handy self-cleaning feature. If your oven has one, be sure to turn it on for a couple of minutes. After it is done, use a sponge dipped in clean soapy warm water to wipe up the residues.

To clean up the microwave, let us tell you a simple hack. Take a bowl of vinegar, water, and lemons. Add a bit of dishwasher soap in the mixture as well. Place the bowl with the solution in the microwave and then turn on the microwave for a few minutes. All the hard residues and stains can then be removed very easily. Use a soft cloth to clean up these residues for the best results.

Cleaning and organizing the cabinets: This step may not seem very important to you, but let us explain. Consider the situations where you have 5 minutes to get everything set up for a quick meal. If you have clean and organized cabinets, you can easily find everything you need in a minute or two. Unorganized and cluttered cabinets will slow you down a good bit.

The best way to clean up the cabinets is to first take out everything from them, clean them, and then put everything back in. To clean up the cabinets, you can use your very handy soft sponge wet with warm water. Be sure to place everything back in a manner that you can later understand. 

  • Clean the hall and living rooms: 

Where in your house do you spend most of your time with family? We are confident it’s the living room or the hall. You would never want to spend that precious time in a dirty and messed up place. That’s why cleaning the hall and living rooms is very important in our house cleaning quest. 

Cleaning the floor: Going to clean up the floor? Pay attention! No matter what kind of floor you have (ceramic, wooden, carpet), it’s ideal to vacuum it first. A vacuum cleaner is the best tool to quickly remove all the dust and other tiny particles. After you are done with the vacuum, the cleaning method depends on the type of floor. In the case of a carpet, there is not much left to do. The vacuum does most of the cleaning for carpet.

However, you can spray a fragrant to add some extra sense of cleanliness. To clean up ceramic or wooden floors, use a mop. Take some warm water and add a suitable cleaner soap in it. Dip the mop in it and wipe the floor thoroughly. 

Killing the fleas: If you love pets (as we do), there’s a possibility you already have a lovely cat or dog in your house. Pets bring fleas with them, and fleas bring diseases. It’s important to kill these fleas before they cause any harm to you or your family.

Carpets are like heaven for fleas. Vacuuming the carpeted floor daily will take out most of the fleas. However, just to be sure, you can sprinkle some borax on the carpet. Let it sit on the carpet and it will kill all the fleas breeding in there. You can easily find borax in the detergent aisle of the supermarket. 

Dusting the furniture: Dust particles and tiny dust mites are everywhere in your house. They cause a number of problems like coughing, sneezing, and even asthma. What’s the best way to keep them away you ask? The worst enemy of these dust particles and mites is dusting. Take a mildly wet cloth and use it to gently wipe the furniture. A fragrant spray can add an extra touch to the cleanliness of your furniture.

  • Clean the Bedroom:

Your bedroom is where you rest, spend personal time and work. You do not want someone to enter your bedroom and think you are a savage. Your house cleaning quest is incomplete without properly cleaning up the bedroom.

Making the bed: The first thing to do for a clean bedroom is to make the bed. Maybe you think this step is useless are you are going to mess up the bed again in the night, but it’s not. A clean and organized bed helps your bedroom feel cleaner. 

Organizing the stuff: See those clothes on the floor? Those useless documents in the corner? Those socks on the bed? You need to get rid of them! Unorganized stuff like that makes your room feel uncomfortable. Organize everything, put everything in its correct location.

Clean the floor: Just like you cleaned the floor of your living room and hall, clean the floor of your bedroom as well. Use the same old vacuum cleaner for taking our dust. Mop the floor with warm water and scented cleaner to make your bedroom smell fresh.

Condo Cleaning

Condo Cleaning Methods

Wondering how condo cleaning methods are different from house cleaning methods? Look no further, we got this info as well. First, you have to understand how a condo is different from a house. Condos are comparatively smaller and share a common building.

Condos also share a common ventilation system so more dust particles may end up in your condo. Most people hire a maid for their condo cleaning, but you might prefer otherwise. If you don’t want to hire a professional condo cleaning maid, here are some tips for you regarding how to keep it clean yourself:

  • Remember your regular house cleaning steps:

Remember all the nifty house cleaning tips you just learned in the article? Keep them in your mind! Condo cleaning shares many similarities with house cleaning. You clean up the kitchen space, bathroom, bedrooms, furniture, etc. exactly the same way. Dusting, mopping, cleaning with a sponge are the universal rules of cleaning. Apply them wherever needed and a lot of work is already done.

  • Keep what you need:

Probably the worst thing about condo cleaning is to decide what to keep and what not. If you have more things, you have to clean more things. That is exactly why you don’t keep useless things in your condo. You must only keep the things you need or you love. The best way to apply this tip is to divide your things into three piles. First pile for the things you need to keep. The second pile for the things you have to throw away.

These include the things that are useless for you and others as well. Broken things or the things with missing parts make up this pile. The third pile is for the things that you have to give away to others. These things might be useless for you, but might be useful for others. Give them away and make someone happy!

  • Clean on the go:

It is ideal to dedicate a weekend to major condo cleaning every month. But it is easier and less overwhelming to clean things up on the go. We can understand, it is not easy to motivate yourself for cleaning after a tiring day. But there is not much cleaning up to do if you had a tiring workday, is there? Only a few stains on the kitchen shelf and a little grime on the sink. You can clean that up super fast. Take a sponge or a soft cloth, dip it in water, and rub off these stains. 

Keep a clean cloth close to your condo shelves. As you walk by these shelves, rub the dust away from the shelves. It will only take a couple of minutes and is super useful.

  • Keep everything organized:

Space could be a major problem for you if you live in a condo. Organizing the things you have have a huge impact on how clean and organized your condo looks. You can have a few unorganized things and your condo will look cluttered. Or you can have a lot of organized things and your condo will still look clean and lovely. Keep everything at its correct location.

Clothes should stay in the closet, not on the bed. Dishes should stay in the kitchen, not on the table. Your cleaning equipment should stay in a special closet for easier access. This space is very important in your condo cleaning process, don’t underestimate it.

  • Get the air conditioners cleaned:

Condos are mostly situated in large buildings in the middle of cities. The contaminated city atmosphere clogs up the air conditioner’s filters. This can cause a number of issues. The energy consumption of clogged air conditioners increases.

Clogged air conditioners are also bad for your health. They may cause several issues like allergies and respiratory diseases. You cannot clean air conditioner filters yourself. The best thing to do is to hire professionals to do this job for you. They will do a very, very thorough cleaning of these filters and ensure your safety.

Move Out Cleaning Methods

Other very important cleaning methods is the Move Out Cleaning; So, you just got a new house or apartment and are going to move out of your old house. The last thing you want to do while moving out is to do a thorough clean of the house. But, move out cleaning is indeed very important. You want that security deposit back you paid while moving in, don’t you? Also, you don’t want to leave the old house dirty for the people moving in, do you? That’s just not very humanly.

The best practice is to hire professionals for your move out cleaning but you might prefer otherwise. Here are all the latest tips and tricks if you want to know to perform move out cleaning yourself:  

  • Wait for your belongings to be loaded:

Before you start your move out cleaning, make sure all your belongings are already loaded into the truck. If you start cleaning while your things are still scattered all around your old house, you are going to have a hard time. These scattered things are going to make it more difficult and time-consuming for you to do your cleaning.

  • Keep your Move Out Cleaning supplies:

So, have you loaded all your belongings into the truck to move them to your new location? Stop! You might have to keep some things with you at your old house or apartment. A mop, vacuum cleaner, glass cleaner, a dusting cloth, a sponge, antibacterial cleaner, a pair of rubber gloves, a broom and all other cleaning supplies. You get the idea, don’t you?

  • Start off with dry cleaning:

The best way to kick off your move out cleaning is to start with dry cleaning tasks first. These include vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, and taking the dust out of the house. You can’t start cleaning with a damp cloth or mop while dust is still hanging around, you just can’t.

  • Go task-by-task:

While cleaning up the whole house or apartment, don’t go room-by-room. Instead, go task-by-task. This makes your move out cleaning process much more efficient. For example, when you have equipped yourself with window cleaning equipment, it’s more efficient to clean up all the windows of the house. 

  • Clean up the walls:

So, are you done with the dusting and ready to start patching up the walls? The first thing to do now is to take out all the nails and hooks you have there. These hooks were once holding your pretty family pictures, but now they hold nothing. They look ugly and need to go as soon as possible. After you are done with removing the nails and hooks, it’s time to start filling up the holes.

These nails and hooks will leave some tiny but ugly holes behind, you must patch them. You can use a specialized product such as magic Magic Eraser for this purpose. Clean up all the smudges and stains with a damp cloth or sponge. Beware, if you have a non-waterproof wallpaper, never use anything damp to clean it. Dusting should be enough in these cases.

  • Take out the dust and cobwebs:

When you pick up your stuff from the old house, you might notice there are piles of dust and cobwebs underneath. Don’t worry, they might look disgusting but you can deal with them easily. You can use a vacuum or just a broom and bucket to remove them.

  • Clean the floors:

Done with the walls? Cleaned the dust and cobwebs? Floors coming up! Use a vacuum to get rid of all the dust first. Then use your damp mop to deeply clean all the surfaces. You might want to pay more attention to the surfaces where your belongings were once sitting. These surfaces might need some extra cleaning up. 

  • Take out the trash:

After you have successfully gone through everything and patched everything up, it’s important to take out the trash. Your move out cleaning might feel unfinished if you still have trash indoors.

Standard and Deep Cleaning Methods

This cleaning methods is actually a level of cleaning in terms in area covered when performing a full house cleaning. Ever wondered when to perform what type of cleaning? Wondering how often to clean up the walls and the floors for the best results? That’s where standard and deep cleaning comes in. To get you started, we are going to tell you how deep cleaning is different from standard cleaning.

Difference Between Standard and Deep Cleaning
Difference Between Standard and Deep Cleaning

Differences between Standard and Deep Cleaning Methods:

Standard cleaning includes all the cleaning activities that you perform regularly. You can do standard cleaning on a daily or weekly basis. Deep cleaning includes cleaning which is not performed regularly. The areas hidden behind household objects like refrigerators, washing machines and ovens are also covered in deep cleaning. 

What to cover in Standard Cleaning?

Now you know the differences between standard and deep cleaning. It’s time to understand what cleaning activities to perform in Standard cleaning.

  • Bedroom areas:

While you are in the bedroom for standard cleaning, start with the dusting. Dust around your window ledges, shades or curtains. Dust all the furniture surfaces like nightstands, dressers, desks, etc. Change the bed sheet or just make the bed, both are good for your daily standard cleaning. Don’t forget to vacuum and the floor. Sweeping and mopping the floor should also be performed regularly.

  • Bathroom areas:

Clean up all these shiny mirrors of your bathroom. Then start dusting the sink and vanity areas. When you are done with the dusting, it’s good to apply a disinfectant to maintain a healthy environment. 

  • Laundry room:

There’s not much to do here, but a standard daily clean-up helps a lot. Sweep the floor and tidy up wherever possible. 

  • Kitchen:

Alright, you must never skip cleaning up your kitchen. Daily standard cleaning of the kitchen helps you stay healthy. Clean up all the horizontal counter surfaces and then sanitize them. Wash all the dishes hanging around in your sink, then clean up the sink. Clean the microwave’s interior and exterior as well. The exterior of other appliances like refrigerators should also be cleaned. Dust and clean your kitchen windows and sliding glass doors. You were not gonna ignore the floor, were you? Sweep the floor and then mop it.

  • Living and Dining space:

Dusting comes first. Dust all the furniture. To freshen up the couches, clean them up lightly. Wipe down the tables. Dust all the windows and baseboards. Don’t forget to dust the light fixtures and chandeliers. And last but not least, vacuum the floor and mop it.

What to cover in Deep Cleaning?

Alright, done with standard cleaning. Now, it’s time to see what is included in deep cleaning:

  • Bedroom areas:

For deep cleaning of your bedroom, start wiping up the walls, doors and baseboards/trim. When you are done, thoroughly clean the window blinds. Clean up all the interior windows as well.

  • Bathroom areas:

Same as the bedroom, wipe up all the walls, doors and baseboards. Clean up the window blinds and the windows themselves.

  • Kitchen:

You already dealt with horizontal surfaces of your kitchen in Standard cleaning. In Deep cleaning, you work with the horizontal surfaces. Go on, clean them up. Clean up the interior and exterior of the oven thoroughly. Pull the appliances away from their usual locations and clean up the debris behind them. 

  • Living and Dining space:

It’s time to clean up the walls and ventilation. Dust them and wipe them up afterward. Thoroughly clean up the window blinds.

WIndow Cleaning
window cleaning

Windows Cleaning Methods

Keeping the windows clean is very, very important as they can have a solid good or bad first impression. A clean house or business with dirty windows is like a person who has a great smile but yellow teeth. Here’s all the information you will ever need for your daily window cleaning:

  • Use ammonia solution:

Ammonia is your best friend for your regular window cleaning. Take some ammonia and mix it in a bucket of water. Damp a sponge or soft cloth in this solution and wipe the windows with it. Be careful though, ammonia solutions can remove the tint from windows. So, if you have tinted windows, don’t use this solution.

  • Avoid direct sunlight:

While you are working on your windows to clean them up, make sure you are not doing it in direct sunlight. Window cleaning in direct sunlight can cause streaky windows. Be sure to clean windows at a time when they are not directly exposed to sunlight.

  • Using a razor to clean debris:

Using a razor to clean debris off windows is very effective. But you might want to be careful while using a razor. Before you start using the razor, make sure the windows are wet. Never use a razor on wet windows or they will be scratched. If you have tinted windows, using a razor will cause the tint to come off. So, don’t use a razor on tinted windows. Also, beware of applying the razor, back and forth. Always apply it one direction so you do not scratch these expensive windows.

Carpet Cleaning with cat
Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpeted surfaces are very common and popular nowadays. When someone enters your room or office, a clean carpet will cause a great first impression. Looking for some great tips for carpet cleaning? We got you. Here are some pro tips to keep your carpeted surfaces neat and clean:

  • Use the vacuum regularly:

The first thing to keep in mind during your carpet cleaning quest is to vacuum on a regular basis. A vacuum thoroughly removes all the debris and dust particles from the carpet. Not only that, the vacuum extends the life of carpets. Wondering how? Debris can have sharp edges when seen closely. These edges can damage the fibers of the carpet, hence reducing their lifespan.

  • Don’t wait for the dirt to be visible:

While maintaining your house or building, you might think carpet cleaning is expensive. But let us tell you, not maintaining the carpets regularly is actually more expensive. If you don’t clean the carpets before they get too dirty, you will end up damaging them. Then you will have to even buy new carpets altogether. More expensive, right?

  • Avoid Bonnet carpet cleaning:

You might think Bonnet carpet cleaning is the easiest and best to clean your carpets. You might be right, but there’s a catch. Bonnet carpet cleaning is abrasive and can damage the fibers of your carpet. Bonnet carpet cleaning reduces the life of carpets. So, avoid it whenever possible.

  • Clean stains as they appear:

Whenever new stains end up on your carpet, don’t wait to clean them up. Older stains are harder and more time consuming to clean. So whenever you see a new stain on your carpet, clean it immediately.

Office Cleaning
Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning Methods

Is your productivity not up to expectations? Wondering why? Maybe because your office is not clean enough. Let us tell you, cleaning your office will indeed increase your productivity by a good bit. A clean office has a deep impact on every client who enters. Here are some great office cleaning tips for you to keep your office tidy:

  • Keep documents organized:

Do you have piles of documents and papers on your desk? If yes, you might want to organize them as soon as possible. Unorganized piles of documents can cause many types of issues. It’s hard to find the document you are looking for from an unorganized pile. They also display a sense of discomfort to the client. So, organize them!

  • Keep the electronics clean:

What’s the next thing to keep clean in the office cleaning process you ask? It’s your electronics. Don’t let any type of food stain or dust jam up on your keyboard, monitor or other electronics. Clean all stains after you take your lunch. If you see dust, clean it up immediately.

  • Plan a place for everything:

One of the hardest jobs during your office cleaning quest could be to plan where you are going to place your stuff. Each object should have a special location to be placed on.

  • Remove all the junk:

Decide which things you need. Don’t keep anything you don’t need. Only the things which are actually useful or you absolutely love should stay in your office. Get rid of all the freebies. Throw away all the old pens. Give away old electronics you don’t use anymore.

Commercial Cleaning
Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Buildings Cleaning Methods

You have learned how to clean up your office, but how to keep the whole building clean from the inside? Here’s all you need to know:

  • Arrange an occasional deep clean:

You can do a little bit of your office cleaning yourself, but you cannot the whole building yourself. Hire professional cleaners once in a while to carry out your building cleaning for you.

  • Electronics cleaning:

Keyboard, mouse, printers, telephones can often be overlooked by your cleaners. But they are very important in the building cleaning process. Motivate your office workers to keep their electronics clean. This will maintain a clean environment throughout the building.

  • Provide basic cleaning equipment in offices:

You should provide basic cleaning equipment like wiping clothes to your office workers. They will feel less lazy to clean up their keyboards if they can easily get their hands on a wiping cloth.

  • Clean plant leaves:

If you have decorative plants in your building, you might want to clean them up often. Dust often clutters up on the leaves of these plants. A quick dusting treatment should be enough to clean up these plants. This step might not feel important, but to complete the building cleaning process, it’s important.

exterior building cleaning
exterior building cleaning

Exterior Building Cleaning

So, now you know how do you clean your office and the building interior as a whole. But how do you clean the exterior of your building? That’s exactly what we are going to talk about now. 

Cleaning Building exterior:

A clean building exterior puts a positive impression about your business on the visitor even before he steps inside. That’s how you know cleaning building exterior is so important. The best way to clean the exterior of your building is to hire a professional business to do this. Cleaning the exterior of your building isn’t exactly an easy task. It might even be dangerous for you to attempt it on your own. Hiring a business specialized for this task is the best idea, trust us. Many companies offer soft wash solutions for exterior building cleaning. Hire them, see the magic.

After you are done with the exterior walls, cleaning the windows comes next. You do not want a clean building with dirty windows. Hire someone professional for this job as well. They can clean your exterior windows much faster than you would yourself.

Gas Station Cleaning and Mini market

Are you maintaining a gas station and a mini market to go along it? We have cleaning tips for you as well! Read below:

  • Cleaning the gas pump:

The gas pump is obviously the most important equipment at your gas station. You do not want to let it stay dirty. A gas pump is a sensitive piece of equipment and must be cleaned carefully. A damp towel is your best friend for cleaning the gas pump. Carefully wipe all the dust and grease off the gas station. To clean up the concrete base, you can use a regular pressure cleaner.

  • Cleaning glass and windows:

The next thing to clean in the process of your gas station cleaning is the glass/windows of your store. When you clean the glass and windows with the end of each shift, your storefront will look shiny 24/7. 

  • Performing maintenance checks:

Broken and malfunctioning equipment can display a sense of chaos. And of course, broken equipment is not useful until it’s fixed and ready to go again. The best way to prevent this problem is to regularly perform maintenance checks on your equipment. If anything is broken or malfunctioning, get it fixed as soon as possible. 

  • Maintaining the dumpster area:

The last thing you want to do while you are performing a gas station cleaning is to maintain the dumpster, but it’s very important. If your dumpster area is not visible to the customers, you can clean it once in a while. But if your dumpster area is visible to the customers, clean it whenever you see any litter. 

  1. Power washing oil spots:

Leaked automobile oil spots on the ground can cause trouble for your customers and your staff. It’s good to clean these spots once in a while. If someone in your staff can handle a power washer, ask them to clean these spots for you. Hiring a commercial cleaning service is also a great option for cleaning up these spots.

Construction Cleaning

So you got your house or business building renovated and looking for some tips to clean up all the dust? You have come to the right place. Here are the hottest tips for you to do a quick construction cleaning:

  • First of all, sweep the floor:

You might think you should start dusting right away. But do not do that. There will be a lot of dust sitting around which cannot be cleaned with dusting alone. Thoroughly sweep the floor before attempting anything else.

  • Keep the windows open:

While you are performing a construction cleaning, make sure you keep your windows open. The air flowing in and out will help in taking out dust and smell.

  • Dust everything:

Done with the sweeping, it’s time to start dusting everything. Dust everything in your sight. Windows, blinds, mirrors, shelves, and everything else you can find. This is probably the most important tip to keep in mind during construction cleaning.

  • Vacuum the floors:

Vacuum all the surfaces especially carpeted surfaces. Be sure you are vacuuming slowly, don’t rush the process. Construction cleaning is not complete without properly vacuuming the floors.

  • Mop the floors:

After you are done with the vacuum, mop the floor. This will remove any hard spots on the surfaces and make them shiny. 

  • Wipe the surfaces:

Wipe all the hard surfaces with a damp cloth or sponge. It will help you remove all the frozen stains on these surfaces.

Special Building Cleaning:

Are you maintaining a warehouse, hospital or church? You will be glad to know we have cleaning tips for you as well. 

Warehouse cleaning:

Probably the most important tip to keep in mind for warehouse cleaning is to take out the trash regularly. Machinery in your warehouse probably produces a lot of waste materials, don’t let them sit there. You should provide basic cleaning equipment for your staff. Advise them to clean spots and stains as they appear. Create a routine for daily warehouse cleaning and follow it. It’s much easier to perform cleaning regularly than waiting for a lot of debris to clutter up and then cleaning it.

Hospital cleaning:

To prevent dangerous germs from spreading, you must pay special attention to cleaning high-touched areas. These include bed rails, doorknobs, telephones, and many other surfaces. During your hospital cleaning session, advise your cleaners to work from cleanest areas to the dirtiest areas. This will help in preventing germs from spreading. You never want to spread diseases to more people during cleaning. During hospital cleaning, minimize chemical use as much as possible. Chemicals are dangerous for patients’ health and might trigger allergies as well.

Church cleaning:

While cleaning up marble and limestone surfaces and statues, make sure you are using a ph-neutral solution. Otherwise, these surfaces might get damaged. Don’t forget to vacuum the carpets regularly. Wipe all the stains and spots as they appear on the surfaces. Pay special attention to the cleaning of paintings, statues, and other important things.

Convention and Event cleaning

After an event, usually, there’s a lot of junk and debris left behind. It’s important to restore the event place to its original charm after the event is over. Here are all the tips for a successful event cleaning:

  • Preplan the event cleaning:

You know there’s going to be a lot of debris left behind after the event. That’s why you should keep all your cleaning equipment ready for the event cleaning. 

  • Hire professionals:

Your regular event staff is not enough for a thorough event cleaning. They will clean a table or two with a cloth, but that’s not enough. Hire a commercial business for this job. 

  • Provide dustbins to guests:

Provide plenty of dustbins to your guests. Encourage them to use these dustbins. This will help guests in disposing of their litter themselves.

  • Don’t forget the hidden spots:

You might clean up obvious places like halls and rooms and forget about less obvious spots like parking, bathroom, etc. These are guest hotspots and should also be cleaned.

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