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Clean Your Office Desk

Clean Your Office Desk In 5 Easy Steps

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Your desk is the center of your whole office. If you have a dirty, messy, and unorganized desk, chances are you’ll be less productive throughout your working hours, which is why it is so important for you to have a clean and organized work space.

Today, we’re going to help you clean your office desk in five easy steps. Giving you small but helpful tips and tricks you can use in your daily life to maintain a great work environment everyday.

clean desk#1: Remove any loose paper

You wouldn’t believe the amount of loose papers that can be sitting on top of or inside of a regular office desk, but there are quite a lot, and the more you drag this on, the more trash you’ll accumulate.

As a cleaning company ourselves, we recommend you grab a trash bag or a trash can and start throwing away papers that you don’t need, or don’t serve any purpose on your desk. If you can recycle these papers, do it as well, but if you can’t, don’t be too hard on yourself. The important part is for them to be out of your desk as soon as possible.

#2: Organize everything that doesn’t belong at your desk


Organize-home-office-deskPapers aren’t the only thing that can accumulate on your office desk. Most of the time personal items can also be laying around, occupying precious space you could be using for something else.

Take every object that doesn’t have room on your desk and put it away where it really belongs. Your forgotten hair ties, empty water bottles or cups, old books you don’t read anymore, trinketts… Take everything back to it’s original place.


#3: Take everything that’s left, and remove it from the desk entirely

What we mean is, take every folder, every piece of paper, and office supply and put it in another place, emptying the desk and leaving it with nothing on it, to deep clean it afterwards.

Much like you would do when cleaning your room, you need to take everything out of your desk and move it out of the way in order to deep clean the surfaces and furniture.

#4: Grab your cleaning equipment and start sanitizing everything

Luckily for your, cleaning an office desk once the trash and inanimate stuff is out of the way, is very easy. We recommend you to clean the desk surface  with a dry or damp wiping cloth, to get rid of any dust first, Start in the drawers, working your way to the outer surfaces last, top to bottom.  Use a  a cleaning product afterwards to finish.

#5: Be Smart When You Clean Your Office Desk

Remember, your office desk must make sense for YOU, so when you’re putting everything back, and organizing things inside of drawers or in organizers, arrange it in a way where everything is accessible and easy reach for you.

A little advice we give you, is to assign a different drawer for different things. For example: Pens, markers and all writing utensils should go in one drawer. Pads, plain papers and sticky notes or scratch paper in other. Keep office supplies together, use dividers and folders to organize paperwork, keep items of similar sizes together when possible. If you are in need of organization inspiration, search for ideas on places like for DIY solutions,  check home good stores, or browse blogs and articles online for organization methods.

starting a cleaning business is easy
starting a cleaning business is easy

Clean your office desk and you will be set on a path of productivity and organization that can carry on to your work. Remember to take the time to do this at least once a quarter to maintain focus and good cleaning habits.

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