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Clean Your Dentist Office

Here in Las Vegas with our cleaning services company, we don’t only take care of house cleaning, but we also specialize on commercial cleaning services, we clean places such as hospitals, yoga studios and medical clinics like dentist office cleaning.

That’s why we know a whole bunch about how to properly get around medical facilities and manage to clean every corner. So today, we’re going to share our advice with you.

clean dental office

First, make up a routine…

The key to clean your dentist office relies on having proper routines which you follow every time. For example, we recommend you to do simple chores everyday to keep your space organized and free from excessive dirtiness. Every two weeks (or even once a month, if you feel it’s best) perform a deep cleaning to keep it always clean. Scheduling one day a week to perform regular cleaning maintenance if needed. Just remember the key is consistency and routine.

Once you have figured out how often you’ll perform a deep cleaning session, figure out small daily cleaning routines you can do either before the clinic opens or after it has closed.

maid service cleaning dental officeIdeas and Tips to Clean Your Dentist Office

Some idea’s of the daily cleaning chores you should do around your dentist office include: Sweeping, removing trash, cleaning the restrooms, tidying the guest lobby and organizing paperwork around the office. They are all essential for a clean dentist office.

Of course there are other OSHA required chores such as replenishing the hand towels near your work stations, making sure to replace the medical gloves, proper disposal of soils, sanitation of tools & equipment, and more, that you will need to upkeep daily too.

The idea is for you to build a proper routine you can follow everyday. If you do this, by the time you actually have to perform a deep clean, you’ll find it is much easier than before.

Clean up surfaces as well

A dentist office MUST be clean at all times. It isn’t enough for you to just take care of your working tools and materials, or clean the restroom every day. You also have to keep all surfaces dust-free, cleared from debris, and well ventilated.

Training your staff to do daily cleaning maintenance around the office with inspire a sense of ownership, care and respect among the team. It is extremely important that your patients and visitors feel comfortable in your medical office, and providing a clean and fresh environment is the first step.

Doing this will bring a sense of organization and harmony to your whole office, since everything from the floor to your equipment will be clean, organized, and ready to receive any new patient.

Deep Cleaning Your Dental Office
Deep Cleaning Your Dental Office

Deep Cleaning Your Dentist Office

When it comes time to complete a deep clean in your dentist office, you can now decide whether you should hire professionals to come in and complete the job, or if you will be able to do it yourself.

The responsibilities to focus on during a deep clean in your dentist office start with the following, but are not limited to: Changing air filters, cleaning ceiling and wall lighting, detail cleaning exam rooms, sanitizing all vertical and horizontal surfaces, mopping and waxing the floors, moving furniture to dust behind and clean properly, and so much more. If you are looking for a local cleaning company to perform these tasks for you, please give Diamond Cleaning USA a call! If you are going to complete the deep clean on your own, set aside a whole day when the office is closed to properly handle to job at hand. This process could be an all day project!

Final Notes

Last, but not least, remember to ALWAYS clean your dentist office with very subtle scents detergents and products, strong scents can disturb your patients or trigger any allergies they might have, something you definitely don’t want.

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