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clean up your office restroom

Clean Up Your Office Restroom

Office buildings have to be spotless at all times. From the desk in your office, to the restrooms, every single thing must be clean and ready to be used by anyone that comes in.

However, we understand diving into these tasks as someone who has no previous experience in cleaning, might be difficult. That’s why we are going to share a quick but helpful guide, on how to properly clean up your office restroom.

Important Note:

Always make sure to use sanitary gloves to protect yourself. Use the proper waste receptacles and biohazard containers when needed to clean up your office restroom

cleaning office restrooms#1: Dust First

You don’t have to dust everyday, but when you do choose to do it, start with dusting. Whenever you are dusting, go from top to bottom. If you start dusting around waist levels area’s once you dust the lights and ceiling fans, you’ve made the surfaces you’ve already dusted dirty again. Don’t waste time cleaning the same thing twice!

#2: Begin by taking out the trash

Grab all the trash bins and waste cans around the room and empty them from any trash they have collected. It’s a good idea to sweep the floors for pieces of paper and trash that did not make it into the trash cans. Collect and throw that garbage in a bigger trash can, that you put outside for the trash truck to take away.

#3: Restock

Check every stall in the restroom for empty toilet paper dispensers, hand towels, and soap, to restock them. If you notice any that are running low, exchange them for new ones instead of waiting until it’s completely empty.

We recommend you to do this at least twice a day depending on how much foot traffic your office restroom usually gets. As times goes by, you’ll find the perfect time to restock and change supplies.

office restroom very cleanPro-Tip

Be mindful of your high traffic times. If you are already of when many people use the restrooms, make it a point to refresh the restrooms before the busy time, so it’s stocked and looking great when its users arrive. Check it again afterwards to ensure that no large messed occurred.

#4: Clean up Your Office Restroom

For this particular task we remind you to wear gloves again. Grab some strong liquid disinfectant or other toilet bowl cleaner, and a toilet brush, to scrub the inside of the toilet. Don’t forget to clean under the toilet bowl rim where it may be hard to see debri, but this will prolong the cleanliness of your toilet over time.

After the inside of the toilet bowl is clean, use a fresh cleaning towel with a sanitation chemical to clean the toilet seat and the rest of the exterior toilet surfaces including the basin.

Your toilet should now be clean!

#5: Clean up and sanitize all the surfaces

From the doorknobs to the sinks, make sure to disinfect the most “touched” areas of the bathroom, not only to keep them looking clean, but to assure there won’t be any bacteria lingering around.

Again, it’s best for you to do this with gloves on, and make sure to clean all surfaces at least once a day to keep everything looking nice and clean for as long as possible.

#6: Take care of the mirrors

Last, but not least, grab a mirror cleaning product and a microfiber or dry cleaning cloth, and spray the product onto the cloth before going in with the cloth on the mirror.

Mirrors in public restrooms tend to get dirty very quickly, so it’s very likely you’ll have to do this tasks at least twice a day.

Wrapping Up

Before we wrap up, we would like to give you some final cleaning advice: First, remember to vacuum and mop the floors regularly (it doesn’t have to be a daily task, but you should do it at least once a week. Second, buy a great scent sprayer to keep the bathroom smelling nice during the day. Third, keep windows (or any ventilation) open when possible, or remember to air out the space once in a while to ensure any bad odors don’t stay in the restroom for too long. We hope you enjoy the read about how to clean up your office restroom and cheers to an uncluttered life

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We offer office cleaning services ready to come in and help you out, just contact us!

Thanks for reading, feel free to visit us and leave a like in our Facebook fan page!

We offer office cleaning services ready to come in and help you out, just contact us!